NOVOTRON's top-hat rail mounted servo converter ND31-HSM

Are you looking for a quick, easy and trouble-free way to retrofit your application? Simply mount the servo converter onto the top-hat rail in the switch cabinet!

Again, as it is the case with the other versions NOVOTRON provides (compact device, 19-inch plug-in module), it is the all-in-one principle that is applied: All functions and features requested for operation are integrated in a single device!

For example:


  • NOVOMERIK positioning control,
  • table interpolation (trajectory curve memory in the converter),
  • fine interpolation if setpoint is set over CAN bus,
  • interpolation for sinusoidal encoder,
  • auto adjustment of commutation position,
  • synchronization of several servo converters,
  • sequencing control,
  • oscilloscope function for start-up procedure.

All of these features are provided by all our devices without additional hardware!