Screw capping

Well Dosed Power

Everyone knows this problem: If the cap of a bottle or the lid of a jar is screwed on too tightly, opening it up can be a real drag. On the other hand, if the screw closure is screwed only loosely, the contents in the container may lose quality and go bad prematurely.

Therefore the producer of such an article must make sure that the closure is screwed on with an optimal torque. And because the process has to be as fast as possible, a certain speed is required.

For such a relatively simple application, bus communication is not necessarily mandatory. The values for speed and torque can also be provided over analog sources.

When the desired torque has been achieved, a feedback is given informing also on the position, if desired. Again, this is done either by bus communication or by analog sources.

Screw capping is not limited to the area of packaging. Many other industrial processes comprise screw type applications too. High-torque motors are increasingly used for such purposes.

The wide voltage range of our ND41 servo converters allows you to operate also at 48 V DC.