Servo converters ND11 series

Transistor servo amplifier for DC motors

By looking at our ND11, the progress that has been made in automation technology becomes visible, as it is not possible to control today’s highly dynamic drives with this device. But regarding the many machines in which ND11 has been operating for many years, it can be said: they have grown older, yet they are still far from being shut down. That is why ND11 for DC servo motors is still being delivered to our customers. It is available in four versions, either as a compact device or as a 19" module.

Technical specifications of the NOVODRIVE ND11 series

Please refer to the data sheets for further technical specifications.
Type Rated supply voltage VAC DC link voltage at rated supply voltage VDC
ND11 615 42 60
ND11 625 42 60
ND11 1512 106 150
ND11 1520 106 150