Servo converters NOVODRIVE ND40 series

Servo converters for synchronous servo motors, high-torque motors, and linear motors

An old saying says: All good things come in threes! Our brand-new NOVODRIVE servo converter family consists of three members: ND41, ND42, and ND43. Being fully identical with regard to functionality and use, all devices offer to you highest performance and reliability for a multitude of applications.

From a finely graduated range of power levels, you can select the servo converter suiting best your specific requirements: ND41 for applications requiring 2, 4 or 7 amps, ND42 for applications requiring 5, 10 or 20 amps, and ND43 for applications requiring up to 25 amps. While ND41 uses a one-phase or three-phase supply voltage of 230 VAC, ND42  use a three-phase supply voltage of 400 VAC and ND43 up to 480 VAC.

The functional range of the devices comprises:

  • an integrated sequencing control with up to 128 stored parameter sets,
  • 50 permanently available operation modes, from analog setpoint setting for speed to various positioning modes (among them, absolute positioning with setpoint ramp),
  • immediate switching of operation modes for increased machine cycle times,
  • programming according to the international SI standard,
  • field-weakening operation for high speeds when working with high-torque motors,
  • Profibus/CANopen interfaces for PLC connection.

Even our high-performance ND42 and ND43 servo converters are characterized by very small dimensions. All our devices are mounted on a 3HE Eurocard of 230 mm length. And talking about width: a 19“ frame can accommodate nine ND41, or five ND42, or three ND43 servo converters. For wall mounting in switch cabinets, our servo converters are available in a rugged single-axis housing with integrated mains filter.

The servo converters of the NOVODRIVE ND40 series are equally suited to work with brushless servo motors, high-torque motors, and linear motors. For rotor position feedback, you can choose from a range of measuring systems the one best suited for your specific application. All ND40 devices support

  • resolvers,
  • sine encoders (rotary or linear) with up to 4096-fold interpolation,
  • Heidenhain ENDAT 2.2 measuring systems with absolute position identification in realtime.

The core of the extremely comfortable start-up and application software is a 4-channel-oscilloscope, by which all control ¬parameters such as acceleration ramps, limit values, or values for input/output current can be recorded, printed and archived. And: The software now comes with a brand-new diagnosis function.

Technical specifications of the NOVODRIVE ND40 series

Please refer to the data sheets for further technical specifications.
Type Rated supply voltage VAC DC link voltage at rated supply voltage VDC Rated current A
ND41 230 320 2, 4, 7
ND42 400 560 10, 20
ND43 400 - 480 680 25