Brush-type DC servo motors

The future belongs to the brushless servo motor. But let’s be realistic: When will the era of the DC motor really be over?
One thing is for sure: the permanent magnet DC servo motors have been developed under the same quality requirements as our brushless servo motors. Proven for years, they provide for a convincing performance through their robustness and outstanding operability.


Servo motor NM4 model series 

Permanent brush-type DC servo motors 

Torque and size determine what NM4 motor is suitable for your application. While being small and light, the NM4-20 types, with a case diameter of 82 mm, covers a torque range from 0.5 to 1.5 Nm. For a torque range between 2.0 and 6.0 Nm, choose a motor from the NM4-29 group (Ø 114.5 mm).

Motor series

Net weight 
Stall torque
NM4-2004822,30,5 - 0,85
NM4-2005822,90,78 - 1,0
NM4-2006823,41,0 - 1,5
NM4-2959114,312,55,9 - 6,0

For NM4 motors a broad range of electrical windings is available, so that an optimal power/speed ratio can be achieved for any desired voltage. All motors are equipped with high-precision tachometer generators. Most models have the highest possible protection class IP 65.

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