Textile fiber processing

Utmost Extensibility

Before it turns to high-quality yarn, a fiber has to go through various machining processes. One of these processes is drawing, where the fleece fed by the carding unit is stretched so that the so-called roving gets the desired gage. Before the material reaches the drawframe, the thickness of the fleece is measured. Actual value and desired value are then compared, and the drawframe unit is informed about the difference between the values to provide the necessary processing.

A very compact and cost-efficient solution for this task is made up of a main drive working in connection with closed-loop control of the drawframe. By using just one NOVODRIVE, highly dynamic manipulation of the drawing process can be achieved.

If you prefer the ‚big’ solution, you may use four mutually adjusted drives to substitute the mechanical linking elements in between the individual axes. By this, the machine is operated synchronously in connection with closed-loop control of the drawframe.

Having the possibility to do without mechanical linking elements opens up further potentials for running textile manufacturing equipment. There are practically no limits regarding developers’ creativity.