Innovation is our drive.

NOVOTRON Industrie-Automation GmbH develops, manufactures, distributes and repairs servo drives. 

NOVOTRON started in 1979 as a distribution company for DC drives and motors. At the time, heavy and space-consuming drive components were state of the art. With a clear focus on creating more compact and more intelligent solutions, NOVOTRON began working in R&D in 1988. 

The success story of our NOVODRIVE product series started in 1989, when we launched our ND11 transistor servo amplifier.

At the 1992 Hannover trade fair we presented ND21, which at the time was the smallest 5-kW servo converter ever. Its core was made up of Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs), which we had developed in collaboration with the Institute for Microelectronics, Stuttgart and which provided the key prerequisite for being able to include broadest functionality in a very small device. "All in one" has been our philosophy since then, meaning that all functions be accommodated in a single device. Complicated wiring and error-prone peripherals are thereby no longer an unavoidable fact.

Although compact servo converters have become state of the art, we are still driven by the determination to keep on developing – in collaboration with our customers - innovative solutions in automation. We are always close to our customers, providing new ideas, profound know-how and a lot of experience.

Let your automation requirements be a challenge for you and us!