Reeling machine by NOVOTRON
NOVOMOT Servomotor NHR115E6_88S und NOVODRIVE Servoumrichter ND42

Reeling machine

Limitless Variations

Everyone knows that a cable drum, a wire spool or a thread spool, once it has been unwound and then rewound by hand, never looks the same again as when we bought it in the store. But how do manufacturers manage to deliver such items so perfectly wound?

In order to be able to produce a variety of spooling and reeling patterns, the apparatus’ main drive, which is responsible for the winding, is separated from the drive controlling the laying and spooling process. The laying axis allows that each new layer can be spooled onto the reel with a slight shift or crosswise or whatever pattern is desired.

The control of the process is done by the NOVODRIVE PLC add-on in connection with NOVODRIVE ND41 or ND42. Over an encoder, NOVODRIVE is fed with a setpoint and with the actual speed of the reels. By this, a motion profile is generated for the laying axis so that the laying width changes with every layer.

But there’s even more: you may also integrate sophisticated functions, such as programmed irregularities or crossing angles.

For high drive dynamics, you may also use a linear motor instead of a rotary motor.