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PLC extension for servo converters

If you are looking for space-saving and time-saving solutions, just think about this innovative concept: Upgrade your servo converters with our NOVODRIVE PLC add-on to get full-blown drive controls! Our PLC extension is big with regard to functionality and flexibility, but small with regard to space requirements. Converter plate plus PLC card do not need more space than a single converter!

Upgraded in such a way and interconnected over CAN Bus your drives become automatically controlled units. Even very demanding and complex automation tasks can now be done without the need for a central computer.

Numerous functions are available for a wide range of applications:

  • context-related switching between positioning mode and torque mode,
  • position-dependent connection of signal outputs when a registered temperature lies within the tolerable range,
  • automatic compensation of rounding errors at rotary tables,
  • constantly determine the role diameter and control the speed ("Winding machine"),
  • connect the laying axis of a reel drive with the winding axis over the bus so that the laying width changes with every layer ("Reeling machine"),
  • start a second axle and synchronize it with another moving axle ("Flying saw"),
  • manipulate the control parameters of the drive during operation,
  • and much more …

Your application can be programmed in C using a comfortable BIOS that offers you perfect support without subjecting your application to any restrictions. Get access to many functions already implemented in the BIOS! Or feel free to transfer your own, very special ideas into practicable applications!

If you don’t feel at ease with do-it-yourself programming, just tell us your problem! We will find a solution and do the programming for you!