Brushless servo motors

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A motor is supposed to run smoothly for many, many hours. This is a requirement usually met by brushless servo motors. But we want to offer you a special product: a motor tailored to your needs and characterized by the particular power and operating features that your application requires. A motor as small as you want it to be. A motor available with various accessories, or even available as a special version.

But how to find that particular motor? To begin with, please select the appropriate motor size according to the variables "Stall Torque" and "Flange". Then follow the link to the respective motor series. There you will find a brief description, drawings and all important technical data in PDF format.


Servo motor NN series 

Low-inertia servo motors, available in six sizes 

NN motors offer exactly dosed power at a very good price. They are available with a torque range of 0,28 up to 60 Nm and in six sizes, from 55 to 190 mm length.

Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets provide for high dynamics and a peak torque / stall torque ratio that is appropriate for practically every application. 

Motor series

Net weight
Stall Torque
NN255 x 550,76 - 1,270,28 - 0,95
NN386 x 861,5 - 3,81,15 - 4,8
NN498 x 983,8 - 7,75,1 - 11,3
NN5142 x 1427,5 - 13,512 - 24
NN6190 x 19010,1 - 2118 - 44
NN7190 x 19016,5 - 31,530 - 60

Windings for different rated speeds are available. If you need further information or if you have questions concerning accessories or special versions, simply use the  Contact form aus or contact us by phone +49 7141 29690. We are looking forward to offering you consultation!

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